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Earl 3.0 Robotic Art Dispenser

earl 3.0 robotic art dispenser on the walls v5 review artist links
As some of you might have noticed, the jukebox is gone. What, you ask has taken its place? A robot. And not your average robot, either. This is a state of the art, high tech, Robotic Art Dispenser. His name is Earl 3.0. And he is pregnant with the most interesting, diverse selection of two- and three-dimensional works that some may call a one-stop shop for any occasion. Earl holds a ton of art, accepts 1s, 5s, 10s and 20s, and will gladly spit something out for you right on the spot. It is a great drunken impulse purchase with no risk of remorse because it is filled with treasure. Artists include Jesse Edwards, Jennifer McNeely, Jim Blanchard, Kathy Kim, Steven Miller, Joey Veltcamp, James Jaxxa, Dylan Neuwirth, Jessixa and Aaron Bagley — the list just goes on and on. Earl the Robotic Art Dispenser stands alone in the Seattle contemporary art scene and once you see his selection, you’ll know he is here to dominate.

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